A very important message to you from

Team Anastasia Skukhtorova

Dear Goddess,

If you want the secret to how anyone easily can create stunning photos that leave people speechless without feeling shy, clumsy or worrying what others think…

Then this is the most exciting letter you'll ever read!

Here's why:

In 37 seconds I'm going to reveal a shocking method you can use to create stunning pictures superfast.

In fact, it's so easy anyone can do it!

Models, pole dancers, or simply anyone who just wants that "goddess feel" to their photos.

But before I reveal it, let me ask you a quick question…

Have you seen this woman before?

The woman you see in this picture is Anastasia Skukhtorova.

She is a 32-year-old pole dancing world champion.

And started pole dancing when she was only eighteen years of age.

You’ve probably seen her pole dance photographs in Women Fitness and Pole2Pole magazines as well as Polegood, Rudvilag, and Poleart magazines.

Or maybe when she won the world championship in pole dancing and later got awarded for being “The World’s Most Photogenic Pole Dancer.”

The point is…

Her Photos Have Appeared All Over The World!

Especially in Copenhagen where Anastasia recently made it to the finals of Denmark’s Got Talent.


As you may know, a huge percentage of the world’s population struggle with confidence.
In fact...

Especially when it comes to posing on camera due to the rise of social media.

And maybe you can relate…

Does this sound like you?

🔴 You struggle to take stunning pictures of yourself because you feel shy, clumsy, or self-conscious in front of the camera?

🔴 You feel like every time you look at a picture of yourself… something could be improved, or you’re just never happy with how you look?

🔴 You feel like you aren’t naturally gifted with “good genetics”, or tell yourself you just aren't pretty enough?

🔴 You want to feel confident, strong & empowered in every photo you take but struggle to believe it’s possible for you?

🔴 You are tired of taking hundreds if not thousands of photos just to get one good photo to post?

If you answered “YES” to even one of these questions, then you are not alone...

You see…

Even though you may think models (such as Anastasia and other famous supermodels) don’t ever have to worry about being photogenic.

That simply isn't true.

In fact, quite often they have to learn new poses… and remember them… extremely fast!

Because even if the models are beautiful… if they aren’t photogenic… or if they can't create great poses for the camera quickly enough.

Then, they might lose their career forever!

Here's the good news!

For decades…

There has been a closely guarded collection of “posing secrets” no one shares.

Which only a very lucky few top models know ANYONE can use to create stunning pictures that leave people speechless superfast.

For years Anastasia has felt it was a shame every dancing queen in the world didn’t have access to these top posing secrets…

Especially since many women nowadays struggle with feelings of fear, insecurity, and self-consciousness…

And just want to take photos where they feel confident, strong, and empowered.

And so she has finally decided to do something about this situation!

You see…

Anastasia has put every last one of her signature posing secrets into a fun, short, and super-easy challenge.
And it’s called…

The 21-Day Perfect Pole Posing Challenge 🔥

Finally! A 21-Day Challenge for models, pole dancers, and ANYONE who wants to create stunning pictures extremely fast that leave people speechless every time - WITH or WITHOUT a pole.

These magical tiny movements works in any setting!

Here’s what you get:

Over the next 21 days, you will receive 21 brand-new video-guides from Anastasia that will show you the easy way to create “The Goddess Photo Effect” step-by-step with or without the pole.

But hold up a minute…

Great question!

“The Goddess Photo Effect'' is the ONLY yet surprisingly simple method, Anastasia found in her pole dancing career that changed everything!

Even after her 12 years of pole dancing...

Even after having spent thousands on the best coaches and classes in the world...

Even after having taught workshops in 64 countries and over a million people...

Even after having won World Pole Championship...

She still felt fearful, self-conscious, and worried about what others would think of her in front of the camera.


This ONE shockingly effective method instantly made her feel strong, confident, and empowered.

This tiny shift turned her "homemade" photos into "magazine" material in minutes!

And yes it sounds... crazy.

But even her boyfriend, Martin, said...

"Anastasia, you look like a goddess in these photos!"

Now for the first time in history, Anastasia is revealing “The Goddess Photo Effect” and her signature secrets so you can easily feel as empowered, confident, and strong as “The World’s Most Photogenic Poledancer.”

And best of all? Create stunning pictures that leave people speechless.

Even if you’re a beginner!

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover When You Get The 21-Day Perfect Pole Posing Challenge:

Week 1: ALL The Secrets Top Pole Dancers And Models Use To Create Stunning Pictures…

You’ll discover:

✅ The insider secrets top 1% of pole dancers and models use to create stunning pictures extremely FAST.

✅ Why becoming 10x more photogenic is easier than you think and how YOU can become more photogenic overnight

✅ What to say during a photoshoot so you can feel confident you’ll get the pictures you want

✅ The ONLY way to create stunning pictures if you're alone, if you're a complete beginner, or if you can’t afford a professional camera, or have zero editing skills

✅ How to overcome self-consciousness, or camera shyness so you can relax, feel authentic, and create photos that leave people speechless

✅ 10 incredible poses you can do without the pole so you can finally get the self-portraits you’ve ALWAYS wanted!

✅ A simple yet extremely effective way to create beautiful pictures if you are limited on time

But we're just getting started!

Week 2: How To Use Your Hands, Arms, & Legs With Triangle Techniques

You'll discover:

✅ How to do the simple signature poses Anastasia used to become the world's most photogenic pole dancer

✅ What not to do with your feet when pole dancing and posing (and how to improve lines)

✅ 5 powerful ways to pose with the pole that will surprise yourself once you see the results

✅ The top mistakes people make when posing next to the pole and how to fix it

✅ An incredibly elegant way of posing with the pole that anyone can pull off to look like a GODDESS

✅ How to become a pro and rock every photoshoot without practicing for hundreds of hours

Now hold on for dear life because there's more!

Week 3: The Little-Known Secrets To Improve Your Lines And Make Elegant Shapes On The Pole

You’ll discover:

✅ How to experiment and create your own shapes on the pole and to explore your creativity

✅ What to do before you get up on the pole that most pole dancers forget

✅ How to make elegant shapes on the pole that looks professional but really ANYONE can learn quickly

✅ A simple secret that makes it impossible for you not to progress on the pole and capture even better pictures

✅ Steps to manifest “The Goddess Photo Effect” that will surprise yourself and leave your friends speechless
✅ How to enjoy your photoshoot journey and avoid self-doubt even if road bumps come along your way
And much MUCH more!

Now take a moment to imagine…
What LIFE IS Like Once You Know How To Pose Like The World’s MOST Photogenic Pole Dancer

🔥 You’ll feel like a total professional when you go to your first or next photoshoot

🔥 You’ll finally be able to create more beautiful pictures and do far less retakes

🔥 You may attract high-paying model agencies who will want you to pose for the front cover of their magazines

🔥 You’ll feel confident and amazed when you see yourself in new photos your friends or family take

🔥 You’ll be LOVED by photographers because you’ll know exactly what makes you look good so they can take STUNNING pictures of you a lot faster & easier

🔥 You’ll leave your followers speechless and complimenting your pictures NON STOP

🔥 You’ll feel like a GODDESS as you’ll share the same secrets the top 1% of models know and use to create stunning photos... every single time.

But Wait… There’s More!
3 Bonuses You Get FOR FREE Once You Join The 21-Day Perfect Pole Posing Challenge TODAy 🤩

⭐️ Bonus #1: 245 Perfect Pole Posing pictures ($37 value) Need inspiration for poses that will make you look gorgeous in every picture?

Then you’ll love this!

Anastasia has put together 245 different professional pole dancing poses you can take inspiration from immediately for your first or next photoshoot.

This bonus will leave you with more ideas than you can handle to create stunning photos superfast.

⭐️ Bonus #2: Photoshoot Checklist ($17 value) When most people go to their first photo shoot often there’s a huge list of things they forget to prepare beforehand.

And sometimes this can result in having to reschedule the entire photoshoot.

This checklist will make sure you NEVER make any of these embarrassing mistakes but get the best possible photoshoot you can imagine.

⭐️ Bonus #3: 100+ Pole Shapes, Combos and Tricks Tutorials ($980 value) Want more of Anastasia? Now you can!
As a generous third bonus when you decide to join today…

You'll also receive exclusive access to the massive library of Anastasia's most sought-after video trainings where she’ll teach you incredible tricks that will help you look strong, confident, and elegant!


If these 3 bonuses aren’t already making you JUMP up and DOWN on the edge of your seat full of excitement & joy... Then hang on tight now!

Because if you join the challenge TODAY you’ll also get exclusive VIP access to Anastasia’s “Close Inner Circle Community” where you can share your progress, get feedback, support, and connect with other pole dancers, and get your questions answered.

Who Is This 21- Day Challenge For? 🤔

This challenge is for you if:

✅ You want to create stunning posing photos

✅ You want to feel confident, strong, & empowered when modeling

✅ You want to learn cool shapes and how to improve your lines on the pole

This challenge is NOT for you if:

❌ You aren’t willing to do any work

❌ You don’t care about posing photos

You see…

We cannot guarantee any results for people who don’t take action. So if that's you… then we do not recommend you join the challenge.


If you're a complete beginner — and you want to create “The Goddess Photo Effect” so you can look your best every time you pose for a photo...

Then you’re in the right place.


This is truly the ONLY place in the world where you can learn the little-known yet simple steps to pose like “The World’s Most Photogenic Pole Dancer."

Now… if you’re on the fence but NOT sure if this challenge is right for you?

You're in luck!

Because we have made sure…



YES! Having spent 14 years perfecting the techniques, we’re so confident you’re going to LOVE The 21-Day Pole Posing Challenge and create stunning pictures!

So much so that if you aren’t satisfied with the challenge, you’ll get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!

Just send us an email at support@poleposing.com and you’ll get a refund instantly. No questions asked.

Time Is Of The Essence! ⏰

Since this 21-Day Challenge is brand-new we have decided to lower the price from $495 (including bonuses) to ONLY $37 to get people’s initial feedback and reviews.

HOWEVER, we will increase the price after the next 500 people have joined and perhaps remove some of the exclusive bonuses forever.

So please don’t waste a single minute.

Act now! Join the 21-Day Pole Posing Challenge today before the price goes up by a significant amount.


Click the big pink button below.

As soon as you click the button below you will be directed to a secure checkout page.

All you have to do next is put in your name, email address & credit card details, and you will get full access to all the video lessons & bonuses inside the 21-Day Perfect Pole Posing Challenge in seconds.

Once you make the purchase you’ll also receive an order receipt via email that will arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

What are you waiting for?  

If you want ALL the secrets top pole dancers and models use so you can create stunning photos with ease that leave people speechless overnight…

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter! We look forward to seeing you inside the challenge soon.

Team Poleposing

PS. ADD the challenge to the cart now before the price goes up or the bonuses disappear forever!

PPS. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

Anastasia is handing you The Perfect Pole Posing Challenge ... a 21-Day challenge that will show you the pole-posing photo secrets usually ONLY the world’s top models know and use to create stunning pictures fast.

A skill that Anastasia has used to gain global status, rise to international stardom, and win awards for being “The world’s most photogenic pole dancer”.

What you’ll learn inside this challenge are the EXACT steps to pose on a pole like a world-class pole dance model.

Plus feel confident, strong, and empowered in every photo you take.

All you pay is a measly $37.

(That's equivalent to just $1.77/day )

Anastasia is also giving you 3 incredible bonuses.

Bonus #1: 245 Perfect Pole Posing pictures ($37 value)

Bonus #2: Photoshoot Checklist ($17 value)

Bonus #3: 100+ Pole Shapes, Combos and Tricks Video Tutorials ($980 value)

PLUS! Access To Her Closed Inner Circle Community (Priceless)

These bonuses ensure you have everything you need to learn, implement, and even PROFIT from The 21-Day Perfect Pole Posing Challenge.

Anastasia is also giving you these bonuses because she wants you to implement what you learn in the challenge and see results almost immediately.

This is a very limited offer because we’re running a marketing test. There is no "catch" to this offer. You’re 100% protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

In fact, if you take action on the challenge and feel like it was a waste of your time… just email us at support@poleposing.com and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Sounds fair?

Click here to join the challenge now.

You will love it!